Daniel Bosshard

25 years of corporate experience. A wealth of ideas. Swiss Federal Fiduciary Certificate.

This is what you'll benefit from if you choose to work with me, Daniel Bosshard, the man behind the company This makes Amarillo Treuhand unique.

“I don’t take the word commitment lightly. Instead of singing my own praises, I am committed to winning you over through actions. My company would not be complete without the tried and tested network of specialists at my fingertips, helping me to cover almost all demands. Naturally, I am constantly taking steps to increase my know-how and keep up to date; after all, the world does not stand still! My previous experience includes different roles in SMEs and large international companies, where I was responsible for start-ups, launching products, expansions as well as company reorganisation. This allowed me to continuously add to my reservoir of knowledge and finally led me to founding Amarillo Treuhand in spring 2003.”

Amarillo has taken away the mystique of the Swiss Tax Return system and brought transparency and understanding.  Amarillo is a very professional and efficient client focused tax support company.  It is a pleasure to deal with.

Gary Bull, International Business Consultant